Aim High Aim Highland

Jayne Halcrow, Anaesthetic Lead For The NTC

If you’re aiming to take the next step in your career, then NHS Highland is a great place with lots of opportunities to do that.

Andy Pyott, Acting Service Lead For Ophthalmology NHS Highland

Training opportunities are growing, we always get good reports from people who come to study and learn from us. Because we are able to give very close supervision, we are able to mentor junior doctors or optometrists or orthoptists who are now joining the department.

Colin McNair, Clinical Lead For Orthopaedics

I can speak from experience having been a trainee myself here many years ago, its a great diverse population to work with.

Given the geographical area we are in, we’re exposed to a full gamut of trauma from a high velocity of road traffic accidents to injuries encountered by outdoor enthusiasts such as mountaineers, skiers, ice climbers as well as catering for a huge tourist influx in summer so year on year we’ve seen a substantial rise in trauma operating gear.


The presence on Inverness Campus of the Life Sciences Innovation Centre and the National Treatment Centre (Highland) will allow greater collaboration between NHS staff, researchers and businesses to innovate in the field of health and life sciences.

Man on treadmill
Ladies on exercises bikes

Photos by Alison White

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) is the developer of Inverness Campus where the National Treatment Centre (Highland ) is located and the Scottish Government’s economic and community development agency for the north and west of Scotland.

Man on treadmill
Ladies on exercises bikes

The NHS Scotland Academy is an exciting partnership between NHS Golden Jubilee and NHS Education for Scotland offering accelerated training for a wide range of health and social care roles and professions.

Health Check

The NTC's programme, announced by Scottish Government in 2015, aims to provide the highest standards of care through a network of modern, efficient NTCs each offering their own specialisations. The capacity the NTCs offer will help reduce waiting lists across Scotland.

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