Xue Min Healthcare Support Worker at NTC Highland
Xue Min Healthcare Support Worker at NTC Highland

Opening to patients in April this year, the new National Treatment Centre in Inverness will specialise in providing Ophthalmology and Orthopaedic care. The workforce who were temporarily placed at Raigmore Hospital will now be transitioning to the NTC-Highland building on Inverness Campus. With the opening fast approaching, we heard from Xue Min, Health Care Support worker at NHS Highland who will be one of the team members making the move. 

Min will be joining our NTC Highland team in the new state-of-the-art building this year and is looking forward to entering the building for the first time and seeing her patients and colleagues’ reactions. She is excited about the opportunities the NTC will provide in terms of learning and working experiences, a prospect for further development.

Originally from Singapore, Xue Min embarked on her career journey with the NHS Highland in 2019 when she secured a front of house role as a Catering Assistant. Swapping out the big city for Highland life, Xue soon settled into the change of scenery, enjoying all that Inverness has to offer, especially the Highland cows!

In October last year (2022), with the goal of further developing her career within NHS Highland, and hearing of the various progression routes and opportunities available, Min applied for a Health Care Support Worker role which involved assisting in theatre. Despite never having worked in theatres before, Min took a leap of faith and decided to embark on her new career journey.

Stepping into her new role, Min was welcomed and supported by colleagues who took the time to teach and guide her as she found her feet. Having initially been apprehensive, Min soon felt at ease thanks to the supportive network around her. Min also received in-depth online and in-person training courses to assist with her learning and progression.

Having now worked for NHS Highland for over four years, one of the many things Min enjoys about her role is the fulfilment she gets from spending time with patients and their families and seeing them leave feeling better. Comingfrom such a large city, Xue Min also enjoys her Highland surroundings and loves the sense of adventure Inverness offers. Being able to hop in the car and soon end up in the countryside is one of Min’s favourite things about the Highlands, along with the fresh air and clear water. 

Coming from a catering background, Xue Min has excelled in her career journey which was made possible due to the soft facilities we offer here at NHS Highland, for example; Domestic Assistants, General Porters and Administration staff to name a few. Soft facilities roles are ideal for those who would like to kickstart their career in the National Health Service, but who may not have a medical background or education in the field.

Min offered the following advice to anyone thinking of beginning their journey with NHS Highland, imploring those interested in the career change not to be afraid, to be curious and to be willing to ask questions. Having had no experience in theatre previously, she emphasised the importance of being yourself and not imposing limitations on your own abilities: “You will never know if you don’t try.”

For more information on soft facilities roles available at NHS Highland and the new National Treatment Centre - Highland, visit https://jobs.scot.nhs.uk.